Bitcoin Explaining in Simple Terms
Crypto newcomers have a mountain of questions.

What is Bitcoin?

Why should you care about crypto?

What makes Bitcoin so unique?

How does it work?

And how can you invest?

The purpose of this eBook is to answer those questions by introducing you to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in simple terms and an easy-to-digest manner.

This guide was written for someone who has little to no technical knowledge about Bitcoin, crypto, or blockchains.

To aid accessibility, some of the technical concepts have been simplified to make it easier for a non-technical person to grasp the essential information.

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Bitcoin Explaining in Simple Terms
About the Author
iBek Esengulov is a co-founder and lead blockchain engineer at Horizontal Systems. He specializes in developing decentralized services built on Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS blockchains that go beyond the standard cryptocurrency transfer features.

Inspired by emerging notions such as programmable money, decentralized systems, and unstoppable code, he co-founded Horizontal Systems in early 2018. Horizontal Systems builds a new breed of applications which are peer-to-peer and not reliant on any external entity to operate.

Prior to Horizontal Systems, he was the CEO of Grouvi Ltd., a B2B software development company where he led his team in building messenger apps for corporations.

Back in 2007, right out of college, he launched MakeUseOf Ltd. ( which, in 10 years became the leading consumer tech journal with over 50 professional writers. MakeUseOf serves over 15 million readers every month.