At Horizontal Systems we are strong proponents of an efficient engineering process.

Doing the right things is a first step towards efficiency, however the real mastery achieved when things are done the right way, from start.

Doing Things Right

Having a compact and yet comprehensive team mastering the fundamentals of software engineering process is one of our strategic strengths. The following quote describes this concept really well.

Now, in software, and it used to be the case in hardware, the difference between the average software developer and the best is 50:1; Maybe even 100:1. Very few things in life are like this…

Steve Jobs, The Lost Interview

Horizontal Systems builds decentralized products and turnkey software libraries at an aggressive pace, outperforming teams with 10x more people.

Our collective team expertise covers a wide range of fields:

  1. Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols
  2. Emerging blockchain technologies
  3. Decentralized storage protocols (IPFS)
  4. Smart Contracts
  5. Cryptography & applied mathematics
  6. High-performance Android/iOS app development
  7. Financial markets and derivatives
  8. Economics

If you’re interested we invite you to get familiar with the Horizontal Systems projects and start contributing.