We believe in unconditional freedom and justice for all… regardless of location, race or believes.

We believe our freedom has been taken away by unjustly lobbied laws, covert banking cartels, privately motivated wars, self enriching dictators, fake media moguls and alike.

Everything we do is aimed at liberating ourseleves and those who share that worldview.

We do so by building Unstoppable Code. It’s engineered to resist censorship, protect your interests and enforce your freedom.

  • Can’t be shut down
  • Can’t be censored
  • Can’t be controlled externally

We happen to make great applications that work for you.

These apps look good, feel nice, designed to bypass blocking and remain online indefinitely.
Unstoppable Wallet
Get unconditional protection for your crypto assets regardless of who you're or where you based.

It can't be blocked, it can't be shut down, it doesn't ask you for any data. It's fully under your control.

It’s classy on the surface and unstoppable under the hood.

See more at https://unstoppable.money

Open Code

Our code is unconditionally free. We invite all blockchain developers to unconditionally reuse that code and build decentralized applications like the Unstoppable Wallet above.

Bitcoin SPV Library

Build applications on top of Bitcoin, Dash or Bitcoin Cash blockchains. This library does the hard work under the hood and enables developers to create trully decentralized apps on top of Bitcoin or some of its supported forks.


Ethereum Light Client Library

Build any purpose applications on top of Ethereum blockchain that work in a trully decentralized manner.

This library is still in active development phase ...