Eternal apps that don’t fail and are designed to work indefintely.

Horizontal Systems builds apps that are not dependent on any centrally-managed servers or human personnel and are designed to operare indefinitely. These apps are fully peer-to-peer, enabling users to communicate with each other directly, without any intermediary.

Decentralized Apps (DApps)

As there are no servers or databases these apps are censorship-resistant and unblockable.

All sensitive information stored encrypted on a smartphone itself and never leaves it.

Every single line of code powering these apps is open for public to review and free to reuse. It’s all open source @Github

We are pioneering this new generation of apps :)

DApps by Horizontal Systems

Bank Wallet


BANK Wallet is a secure and a fully decentralized crypto wallet that supports all major cryptocurrencies.

This wallet provides a seamless and secure way to get started with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for masses.

It has been built using best practices on all fronts from the design of the interface to the implementation of blockchain protocols.

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DAO Platform

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Decentralized Exchange

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