We build decentralized apps that don’t fail and are designed to work indefinitely.

These apps are engineered to survive censorship: they are peer-to-peer and not dependent on any servers, databases or human personnel.

Decentralized Apps (DApps)

As there are no servers or databases these apps are censorship-resistant and by their very nature designed to live online forever.

All user related sensitive information as well as the crypto funds are stored encrypted on a smartphone itself. It always remains entirely under user’s control. No other party has access to private information of the user.

Every single line of code powering these apps is open for public to review and free to reuse. It’s open source! @Github.

If you’re a blockchain developer we welcome your to review, improve and reuse the code unconditionally. Checkout, Build, Release.

1. The Bank Wallet (iOS / Android)

The Bank Wallet is a secure and a fully decentralized crypto wallet app that supports all major cryptocurrencies.

Bank Wallet

It’s open source and has been built using best practices on all fronts from the design of the interface to the implementation of blockchain protocols.

It’s few years ahead of existing crypto wallets as well as any other traditional banking and finance apps.

Get Bank Wallet @ www.bankwallet.app