We believe in unconditional right to freedom and justice for all… regardless of race, place of residence or believes.

We are here to serve ourselves and those who share that worldview by building tools for crypto-powered decentralized economies.

We build code never seen before: a new breed of applications which are engineered to resist censorship and enforce individual freedoms.

  • Can’t be shut down
  • Can’t be censored
  • Controlled only by user

Designed to detail, crafted by gifted engineers, operate in a borderless manner and built solely to serve your interests.
Unstoppable Wallet
Invest in blockchains safely and privately. Get unconditional protection and control over your crypto investments.

This crypto wallet can't be blocked, it can't be shut down, it doesn't ask for any data.

It gives you full control over your assets. There are none like it.

Get it @ https://unstoppable.money

Open Code

Our code is unconditionally free. We invite blockchain developers to unconditionally reuse that code and build decentralized apps like the Unstoppable Wallet.

Bitcoin SPV Library

Build on top of Bitcoin, Dash or Bitcoin Cash blockchains. This library does the hard work under the hood and enables engineers to create truly decentralized apps with ease.


Ethereum Light Client Library

Build any purpose apps on top of Ethereum blockchain that work in a decentralized manner.

This library is still in active development phase ...